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Beautiful prints just for you!!

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Rosie Sharp

Cotton creations for vibrant living, echoing the harmony of nature

Wild Rose was born out of founder Rosie Sharp’s love for her adopted homeland Kenya and her desire to create vibrant, stylish ‘forever’ pieces that bring joy to the wearer.

Rosie, who moved to East Africa with her family at the age of two, wanted to pay homage to the natural world by naming each cotton shirt after local flowers and plants using their Swahili names.

Her trip to Jaipur in India led her to the centuries-old art of block printing. Fascinated by the craftsmanship and mindful of the need to preserve these ancient techniques, she was inspired to set up her label, connecting global artisan communities in the process.

Wild Rose also sources 100% natural Corozo buttons from Ecuador. All packaging is plastic-free with paper and biodegradable polymer bags used instead.

Wild Rose