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Meraki By Mel

Sustainable, practical kitchen & home decor

Melanie, Mel is a 22 year old designer and interior design enthusiast. She's passionate about everything handmade and made in Kenya.

Mel started MerakibyMel when she was 19 during the Covid 19 pandemic when all she had was passion and creativity.

MerakibyMel is founded on the grounds of offering sustainable yet practical kitchen and home decor.

The products are made from the very beautiful tan wood of the jacaranda.

Everything is handmade in Kenya by a wide array of artisans from every corner of our beautiful country making each product unique to the customer.

We aim to beautify homes all over the world and showcase the talents of Kenyans through design and carving.

Handmade in Kenya

Beautifying homes all over the world! Available at our Village Mkt and Sarit Centre Stores