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Sustainable, unique & fancy Eco products

Available at Village Market & Sarit Centre Stores, 1st Flr


Sustainable unique fancy Eco products

Lux Lifestyle was born out of a need for fresh concepts and unparalleled uniqueness, particularly within the realms of Hospitality and lifestyle projects.

Addressing waste issues prevalent in spaces like Restaurants, Airbnbs, Bistros, Cafes, and homes became a primary focus.

Often overlooked at the inception or during operation of such projects, Lux Lifestyle seeks to revolutionize this norm.

Founder Jay brings to the table an unparalleled artistic flair, transforming discarded materials into bespoke creations.

With a background in Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism, Jay leverages this expertise to infuse each item with distinctive character, setting them apart from the ordinary.

The driving force behind Lux Lifestyle has always been the quest for uniqueness, ensuring that every client receives something truly special and tailor-made for a lifetime.