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Inspired by the Kenyan coast & wildlife

Handmade with love


Inspired by the Kenyan coast & wildlife. Handmade with love

We are a Made in Kenya brand created during the height of the pandemic.

Inspired by the ocean & Kenyan wildlife, we work with small scale silversmiths and artisans around Kenya to create dainty, delicate pieces you can wear forever.

Our goal is to capture the beauty and essence of Kenya, so you can always have a piece of home with you on your travels or take a memento with you from your vacation.

We work with natural materials such as cowrie shells and sea glass that wash up on the Kenya shores, as well as sterling silver & Maasai beads.

All of our silver pieces are hand-cut, hand-set or hand-cast by artisans on the coast and everything is made with the utmost care & attention to detail.